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    • Winmate - New Portable Devices - - is the exclusive distributor of the brand in the Polish market. Winmate is a manufacturer of high-performance industrial PCs type: portable (mobile) industrial tablet , pda industrial panel computers, industrial displays, industrial MiniPC medical tablets , military computers, computers for shipping.
    • Speedata is a manufacturer of portable industrial equipment dedicated for people who need a compact hardware with built-in barcode scanner and RFID. The devices are successfully used in the IT sector and in industry.
    • Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd., located in state-level New & Hi-Tech development zone of Zibo city, is a high technology enterprise applying itself to provide communication test instruments and comprehensive network monitoring solutions.
    • Emdoor is a producer of industrial tablets and laptops. These devices are dedicated to people who need equipment equipped with additional modules such as a code reader and RFID.
    • We are a worldwide leading manufacturer specialized in designing and producing touch screen monitor, open frame monitor, industrial monitor, industrial touch panel pc, IP65 Touch Monitor& Touch PC, digital signage etc .Our products size ranges from 7 inch to 42 inch and are widely used in the fields of security monitoring, traffic control center, broadcasting system, military, city square, shopping mall, bank, school and hospital etc. Our products can be applied in devices like ATM, Self-service kiosk, Transportation, Automatic Vending Machine, Gaming Machine, POS, Medical Treatment, CNC Machine etc.
    • HAXUN Technology is a manufacturer of industrial equipment such as MiniPC and PanelPC. As a manufacturer supplies the best quality devices that are designed to work in the toughest conditions.
    • Mark MobiPad is a new range of equipment represented by New Portable Devices. Through many years of experience Mobilator offers reliable equipment at competitive prices. Tablets with high performance receive high reviews among users, and efficient MiniPC, smartphones and netbooks gradually conquering all rankings in global markets. MobiPad brand features the latest technology with an eye for style and comfort.
    • Handheld Group is a company famous primarily for devices with a special, reinforced structure, which are not scared by the toughest conditions.
    • MicroWorld offers a comprehensive security software for desktops, notebooks, laptops (Escan Antivirus Escan ISS). It detects spyware, adware and also has features not available in other vendors, such as full content filtering Outgoing and incoming. The fruit of many years of collaboration with MicroWorld and New Portable Devices are lowest prices in the market.

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The chef recommends
    • SENTER S917V20 has a specially designed, reinforced structure, adapted to harsh environmental conditions. Similarly as the equipment produced for the military, meets the requirements of IP65 norm. Thanks to its construction is resistant to dust and water. The device works perfectly in the home and industrial conditions.
    • FingerRing FS01P/FS02P is the latest mobile mini barcode and QR scanner in the offer of the store. With several types of barcode reader it is a great alternative to standard devices used on the market. The small dimensions, ease of use and simple use make working with it faster and, above all, does not limit the user's movements. With the included stations charging its use it is very simple, but especially requires no additional wires and the risk of damage to the plug.
    • MobiPad A80NS Industrial Data Collector is a professional, modern equipment. With the option of optionally equipping the collector with a 1D or 2D code scanner and NFC and RFID LF modules, it is widely used in the industrial sector. In addition, the collector has a reinforced construction, waterproof and dust-proof, which greatly enhances the comfort of the device under severe conditions. All these features combined with the attractive price make the A80NS an ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient device with a very good value for money ratio.
    • Wide range of professional industrial panel PCs adapted to the harsh working conditions. Industrial Panel PC Panel PC type are composed of high quality components, characterized by a broad equipment, configurable and high degrees of protection against external factors. Panel PCs are offered a wide choice of method of installation type Panel PC, open frame and rack mount.
    • Tablet EMDOOR I86H has a specially designed, reinforced structure, adapted to harsh environmental conditions. As equipment produced for the military, meets the requirements of IP67. With this structure is resistant to dust and water. The device works great when in the home and industry.
    • Data collector MobiPad MP-HTK38 have special designed, rugged contruction, prepared to work in hard conditions. Thanks IP65 rate its dustproof and waterproof. Small sizes and solidly housing makes that work will be more comfortable for women and people with smaller hands.
    • Industrial PCs are excelent in environments dominated by dust, dirt and moisture. They are ideal for applications that require quiet operation. Small and reliable MiniPC use of heat-pipe technology and aluminum fans for passive cooling.
    • NEW !!! Wide range of professional industrial panel PCs with the operating system Android adapted to the harsh conditions. Industrial Panel PCs Panel PC type are composed of high quality components, they are characterized by wide equipment, configurable and high degrees of protection against external factors.
    • MobiPad MT 40 is the latest in a function of the data collector in our offer With a few types of barcode reader provides an excellent alternative to the standard equipment available on the market industrial tablet. Additional modules GPS, GSM, 3G complete the functionality of the device. Data collector is doing well in the field thanks to the resistance IP65 and replaceable battery.
    • BAREBONE computers is MiniPC Series, which are not equipped with RAM and do not have a hard drive. Thanks to this configuration for these two components is virtually free. The only limitation is the hardware that can handle the selected volume and types of individual eams.

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Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P

Data update: 2018-02-21

guarantee 1 year


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Product availability
14 - 20 workdays
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 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4


Android MiniPC

Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P it's device with Android OS which can be use in Digital Signage system.

The concept of Digital Signage includes an integrated form of system management, which includes electronic displays (digital signs, infosics) that present information, advertising, and other messages. Digital signage systems are used, inter alia, at airports, points of sale or service networks (e.g. travel companies, real estate, information, stations, shopping centers, etc.).



Housing dimensions are 196(szer)x104(dł)x30(wys)mm. Housing is made ​​of high quality aluminum what ensures a very high resistance to mechanical damages. Using the latest technology Digital Engine (industrial fanless MiniPC) is designed for continuous multitasking operating with low power consumption. An important advantage is the effective combination of small size with considerable opportunities through the use effective processor and DDR3 memoryIntegrated video module allows to play a wide range of applications and media files in Full HD quality. Disk offer free space 8GB EMMC.


Processor Allwinner A83T ( 8 x 2GHz)
Android 4.4
RAM Memory
Flash Memory
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G(option), GPS(option), IR(option)
Slot SD | HDMI | 2 x USB | RJ-45 | SIM | Audio
Sound Card
support dual channel 4R/20W, 8R/10W loudspeaker
196mm x 104mm x 30mm
Storage Temperature
0°C - 40°C
Work Temperature
0°C - 40°C
Support formats


Video: wmv | avi | flv | rm | rmvb | mpeg | ts | mp4 itp.

Play Modes
Loop, Timing, inter-cut and variable


 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4

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Communication & Connectors

Integrated card 10M/100M LAN and WiFi allow connection to the network and Bluetooth module make possible to wireless data transfer. The computer is equipped with: one LAN port, two USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI output port, one Audio,  one SD slot, one SIM card slot and Power On/Off.

 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4


 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4

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Digital Signage

 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4

Digital Signage is a modern, dynamic form of advertising that allows you to stand out from the competition and raise interest among your audience. This solution allows you to remotely control your monitor network with one central device. In addition, it is possible to integrate such device with the company's database applications, which allows for full automation of displayed messages, thanks to this solution the receiver always has access to up-to-date data. Despite being a relatively new form of information transfer, Digital Signage is slowly but effectively supplanting older, static forms of advertising such as posters, banners, banners and leaflets.

 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4

Digital Signage comes in many different forms and can be used for almost any purpose. Advertising monitors can be found in places such as airports, shops, hotels, service centers, shopping malls, train stations, tourist offices and other smaller or larger companies, both indoor and outdoor. Wherever used, they will surely attract the attention of the customer, they will bring to your business the atmosphere of modernity and originality and will make them stand out among the competition.

 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4


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Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P is based on high-performance eight-core processor and high-quality components. The biggest advantages of these devices are: small size, performance and energy efficiency.  Offered model AnBOX M038P has been selectively chosen and configured specifically to the requirements of Digital Signage systems, gaming machines, amusement machines, information kiosks and industrial automation systems.

 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.4


Trade and services

The commercial industry is the mainstay of this type of device, Digital Signage can be used here to present prices, products, branding, promotion information, or traffic to the selected product. For tactile interaction, you can also use tactile infokios.


 Hotel and gastronomy


In this type of place Digital Signage can serve not only for commercial purposes but also for information such as menu presentation, promotion of services, information on available rooms, booking rooms, etc.



In industry-related areas, DS panels can display order tables, production information, employee information, and device monitoring. Touch Digital Signage can be used to organize interim Fire protection tests, health and safety, etc.


Offices and institutions




Here, just as in the industry, DS systems are primarily information functions, can display messages, notices, but also present announcements (eg job offers) or even help customers.



Digital Signage places a modern information network displaying information such as room listings, lesson plans, conference listings, and reminders of important events.
 Android MiniPC Media Player AnBOX M038P Android 4.2

*more details in "Technical Data"...

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