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    • Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd., located in state-level New & Hi-Tech development zone of Zibo city, is a high technology enterprise applying itself to provide communication test instruments and comprehensive network monitoring solutions.
    • Emdoor is a producer of industrial tablets and laptops. These devices are dedicated to people who need equipment equipped with additional modules such as a code reader and RFID.
    • We are a worldwide leading manufacturer specialized in designing and producing touch screen monitor, open frame monitor, industrial monitor, industrial touch panel pc, IP65 Touch Monitor& Touch PC, digital signage etc .Our products size ranges from 7 inch to 42 inch and are widely used in the fields of security monitoring, traffic control center, broadcasting system, military, city square, shopping mall, bank, school and hospital etc. Our products can be applied in devices like ATM, Self-service kiosk, Transportation, Automatic Vending Machine, Gaming Machine, POS, Medical Treatment, CNC Machine etc.
    • HAXUN Technology is a manufacturer of industrial equipment such as MiniPC and PanelPC. As a manufacturer supplies the best quality devices that are designed to work in the toughest conditions.
    • Mark MobiPad is a new range of equipment represented by New Portable Devices. Through many years of experience Mobilator offers reliable equipment at competitive prices. Tablets with high performance receive high reviews among users, and efficient MiniPC, smartphones and netbooks gradually conquering all rankings in global markets. MobiPad brand features the latest technology with an eye for style and comfort.
    • Handheld Group is a company famous primarily for devices with a special, reinforced structure, which are not scared by the toughest conditions.


    • Winmate - New Portable Devices - - is the exclusive distributor of the brand in the Polish market. Winmate is a manufacturer of high-performance industrial PCs type: portable (mobile) industrial tablet , pda industrial panel computers, industrial displays, industrial MiniPC medical tablets , military computers, computers for shipping.


    • MicroWorld offers a comprehensive security software for desktops, notebooks, laptops (Escan Antivirus Escan ISS). It detects spyware, adware and also has features not available in other vendors, such as full content filtering Outgoing and incoming. The fruit of many years of collaboration with MicroWorld and New Portable Devices are lowest prices in the market.

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The chef recommends
    • SENTER S917V20 has a specially designed, reinforced structure, adapted to harsh environmental conditions. Similarly as the equipment produced for the military, meets the requirements of IP65 norm. Thanks to its construction is resistant to dust and water. The device works perfectly in the home and industrial conditions.
    • MobiScan QS-02S is the latest mobile mini barcode and QR scanner in the offer of the store. With several types of barcode reader it is a great alternative to standard devices used on the market. The small dimensions, ease of use and simple use make working with it faster and, above all, does not limit the user's movements.
    • MobiPad A80NS Industrial Data Collector is a professional, modern equipment. With the option of optionally equipping the collector with a 1D or 2D code scanner and NFC and RFID LF modules, it is widely used in the industrial sector. In addition, the collector has a reinforced construction, waterproof and dust-proof, which greatly enhances the comfort of the device under severe conditions. All these features combined with the attractive price make the A80NS an ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient device with a very good value for money ratio.
    • Tablet EMDOOR I86H has a specially designed, reinforced structure, adapted to harsh environmental conditions. As equipment produced for the military, meets the requirements of IP67. With this structure is resistant to dust and water. The device works great when in the home and industry.
    • Data collector MobiPad SL50 have special designed, rugged contruction, prepared to work in hard conditions. Thanks IP65 rate its dustproof and waterproof. Small sizes and solidly housing makes that work will be more comfortable for women and people with smaller hands.
    • Industrial PCs are excelent in environments dominated by dust, dirt and moisture. They are ideal for applications that require quiet operation. Small and reliable MiniPC use of heat-pipe technology and aluminum fans for passive cooling.
    • NEW !!! Wide range of professional industrial panel PCs with the operating system Android adapted to the harsh conditions. Industrial Panel PCs Panel PC type are composed of high quality components, they are characterized by wide equipment, configurable and high degrees of protection against external factors.
    • BAREBONE computers is MiniPC Series, which are not equipped with RAM and do not have a hard drive. Thanks to this configuration for these two components is virtually free. The only limitation is the hardware that can handle the selected volume and types of individual eams.

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MobiPad PDA-C5501 v.1 - Data collector with a built-in thermal printer (58mm) and 2D scanner (Android 6.0) - IP65

Data update: 2020-09-01

guarantee 1 year (opt.2)


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14 - 20 workdays

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Computer Industry Fanless umpc MobiPad SL60 Data collector Mobi Pad new design look mobilator

Small dimensions industrial MobiPad PDA-C5501 excel in environments where dust, dirt and moisture predominate. They are ideal for applications requiring quiet operation. Small and reliable umpc use heat-pipe technology and plastic fins for passive cooling. The robust industrial laptop is a device designed for all industrial and non-continuous applications requiring continuous operation - 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Reinforced housing
The reinforced MobiPad case is resistant to mechnical damage and external factors such as temperature difference.
Lightweight design
The data terminal weight does not exceed 1 kg, so it can be conveniently carried in a bag or backpack.

Efficent components
The Cortex A53 quad - core CPU provides improved device performance.
Wireless network
The umpc can be connected to nearby wireless networks by equipping it with an installed Wi-Fi module.


Quick start
A modern eMMC memory will increase the speed of application programs.
IP65 Protection
Thanks to the IP65 standard, we are provided with complete protection against dust and immersion of the device in water.



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Processor ARM  Cortex A53 Quad-core 64bits 1.3GHz
Operating system Android 6.0
Drive 16 GB

Wi-Fi :  IEEE 802.11 b/g/n     Bluetooth 4.0


4G:LTE-FDD:B1/B3/B7/B8/B28  LTE-TDD:B38/B39/B40/B41


3G: WCDMA:850/900/1900/2100MHz 



2x Micro SIM

Thermal Printer (70 mm/s | 48mm)

Available colors Black
Dimensions / Weight 210 x 80 x 42 mm  / 455g
Barcode 2D image engine Scanner




The industrial umpc MobiPad PDA-C5501 uses an efficient and energy-saving ARM Cortex A53 64bit Quad Core processor. Inside it there are four cooperating cores enabling more efficient processing of many tasks at the same time. The shared cache memory in which the multilevel hierarchy is used is dynamically allocated to each processor core depending on the load. This reduces the average access time to the main memory. 




small industrial data collector android 8.0 new portable device 2020 with ip 66 protection


The ergonomics of work is provided by a functional keyboard and a color touch screen, everything is enclosed in a slim and small housing. Thanks to this, you can take it anywhere with you.


Thermal printer

niewielki czytelny w sloncu kolektor przemysłowy wodoodporny firmowy MobiPad pyłodporny odporny wytrzymały


MobiPad PDA-C5501 with a built-in thermal printer is designed for field work, where it can be used to print receipts and receipts. A small number of moving parts and a solid construction ensure trouble-free operation even in the most difficult conditions. The use of thermal printing technology eliminates the need for expensive ink or toners. No matter how many pages will be printed - the printer will run out of ink.

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PDA-C5501 by MobiPad is designed for continuous operation in both very low and high temperatures ranging from -10 ° C to 50 ° C. If the device is switched off, it can already handle temperatures in the range of -20 ° C to  70 ° C.


data collector industrial resistant waterproof dustproof with android 8.0 os


Work temp. -10°C — ~50°C
Storage temp. -20°C — ~70°C
Humidity 0% — 95%


IP stands for Ingress Protection and is essentially a rating system developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission or the IEC. The system is now being used to classify different degrees of protection against intrusion or immersion. The IP rating is usually followed by two digits. The first indicates the level of dust-resistance, the second water resistance. Dust-resistance levels goes from 0 up to 6 while water-resistance goes from 0 to 8.


The first digit [x]
Protection against solid objects
The second digits [y]
Protection against liquids

No special protection

No special protection
Protection from solid objects greater than 50mm in diameter Protection from dripping water
Protection from object not greater than 12mm in diamete Protection from vertically dripping water (tilted up to 15°)
Protection from object not greater than 2,5mm in diameter Protection from sprayed water
(tilted up to 60°)
Protection from object not greater than 1mm in diameter Protection from splashed water
Complete protection against contact, Protection against dust deposit Protection from water projected from a nozzle
Complete protectionm against contact, Protection from infiltration of dust Protection against heavy seas, or powerful jets of water
  Protection against immersion
  Protection against complete, continuous submersion in water


Mechanical damage

The passive cooling system used in the umpc combined with the eMMC memory make this computer very resistant to various types of mechanical injuries. An additional advantage of industrial computers is a solid construction made of high quality plastic and specially designed in such a way that in addition to high efficiency in heat dissipation, it can also resist any external damage.


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Wireless network

The dual-band Wi-Fi module provides quick access to the network wherever you can connect to secured or open Wi-Fi networks. This is a convenient solution for people who have a router at home or place of residence and a wireless network that can be used at no extra charge. Industrial umpc X14 has been equipped the standard of  - 802.11(a/b/g/n), which allows transfer of files at a dizzying speed of up to 300 Mb / s.



Barcode Scanner (option)

Barcode Reader allows you to read, decode and transfer stored data in barcode to your computer. Thanks to dynamic scanning method and the large range of reading, data collector is capable to carefully collecting data, which helps to increase the rate and efficiency of work. Simplified installation procedure, convenient and intuitive design allow to start scanner work very easy and quickly.


rugget data collector with ip66 norm barcode scanner new portable device mobilator



It's a set of ideas and technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10 cm or less.

Mobipad industrial data collector SL60 RFID UHF 1D 2D barcode scanner Wifi bluetooth


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Trade and services

Industrial umpc is an ideal tool to support us in the implementation of many activities in the field of trade, small dimensions increase the possibility of its adaptation to activities such as quick scan 1D or 2D barcodes in optimal sales management.


MobiPad SL60 wather proof dust emmc new portable device trade and services


Warehouse and logistics

Thanks high performance an industrial umpc can be used to connect multiple devices in a warehouse and make their management much easier. Its rugged casing are ideal for harsh environments in such rooms. The solid construction guarantees long-lasting work, even in environments with high dustiness and dirt.

umpc MobiPad SL60 transport logistyics and warehouse new portable devices


Workshop and diagnostic

With the help of dedicated connectors supported by our data collector, it can be used as a diagnostic tool for cars and machines with an on-board computer, thanks to which we are able to independently detect faults and also test specific systems.



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new professional mobiPad full-rugged high quality new versions of MobiPad SL60


The industrial MobiPad PDA-C5501 umpc is offered in several versions to suit different needs. By clicking on the number of the hardware configuration you will be redirected to the product with the parameters given in the table below. In addition, it is possible to create a configuration that is currently unavailable on the customer's request.





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Android 6.0
Android 7.0


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