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    • Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd., located in state-level New & Hi-Tech development zone of Zibo city, is a high technology enterprise applying itself to provide communication test instruments and comprehensive network monitoring solutions.
  • Polywell
    • Polywell is a manufacturer of industrial devices such as MiniPC and Server. They also produce products for digital signage, kiosks, retail outlets, set-top boxes, home entertainment computers, digital surveillance, IP-PBX, network devices, medical equipment, content creation and CAD/CAM graphics systems. They also manufacture computers embedded in OPS and SDM cases. As a manufacturer, it provides the best quality devices that are adapted to work in the most difficult conditions.
    • Chainway is a manufacturer of data collectors. The devices have modules that allow them to be used in various industries. This manufacturer's PDAs can easily compete with key global companies dealing with this type of device. Data collectors are on the Google Android Enterprise list.
    • Emdoor is a producer of industrial tablets and laptops. These devices are dedicated to people who need equipment equipped with additional modules such as a code reader and RFID.
    • We are a worldwide leading manufacturer specialized in designing and producing touch screen monitor, open frame monitor, industrial monitor, industrial touch panel pc, IP65 Touch Monitor& Touch PC, digital signage etc .Our products size ranges from 7 inch to 42 inch and are widely used in the fields of security monitoring, traffic control center, broadcasting system, military, city square, shopping mall, bank, school and hospital etc. Our products can be applied in devices like ATM, Self-service kiosk, Transportation, Automatic Vending Machine, Gaming Machine, POS, Medical Treatment, CNC Machine etc.
    • HAXUN Technology is a manufacturer of industrial equipment such as MiniPC and PanelPC. As a manufacturer supplies the best quality devices that are designed to work in the toughest conditions.
    • Mark MobiPad is a new range of equipment represented by New Portable Devices. Through many years of experience Mobilator offers reliable equipment at competitive prices. Tablets with high performance receive high reviews among users, and efficient MiniPC, smartphones and netbooks gradually conquering all rankings in global markets. MobiPad brand features the latest technology with an eye for style and comfort.
    • Handheld Group is a company famous primarily for devices with a special, reinforced structure, which are not scared by the toughest conditions.


    • MicroWorld offers a comprehensive security software for desktops, notebooks, laptops (Escan Antivirus Escan ISS). It detects spyware, adware and also has features not available in other vendors, such as full content filtering Outgoing and incoming. The fruit of many years of collaboration with MicroWorld and New Portable Devices are lowest prices in the market.

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    • Chainway C72-CE Industrial Data Collector is a professional, modern equipment. With the option of optionally equipping the collector with a 1D or 2D code scanner and NFC and RFID LF modules, it is widely used in the industrial sector. In addition, the collector has a reinforced construction, waterproof and dust-proof, which greatly enhances the comfort of the device under severe conditions. All these features combined with the attractive price make the A80NS an ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient device with a very good value for money ratio.
    • MobiScan QS-02S is the latest mobile mini barcode and QR scanner in the offer of the store. With several types of barcode reader it is a great alternative to standard devices used on the market. The small dimensions, ease of use and simple use make working with it faster and, above all, does not limit the user's movements.
    • MobiPad A80NS Industrial Data Collector is a professional, modern equipment. With the option of optionally equipping the collector with a 1D or 2D code scanner and NFC and RFID LF modules, it is widely used in the industrial sector. In addition, the collector has a reinforced construction, waterproof and dust-proof, which greatly enhances the comfort of the device under severe conditions. All these features combined with the attractive price make the A80NS an ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient device with a very good value for money ratio.
    • Tablet Senter S917V9 has a specially designed, reinforced structure, adapted to harsh environmental conditions. As equipment produced for the military, meets the requirements of IP68. With this structure is resistant to dust and water. The device works great when in the home and industry.
    • Data collector MobiPad SL50 have special designed, rugged contruction, prepared to work in hard conditions. Thanks IP65 rate its dustproof and waterproof. Small sizes and solidly housing makes that work will be more comfortable for women and people with smaller hands.
    • Industrial PCs are excelent in environments dominated by dust, dirt and moisture. They are ideal for applications that require quiet operation. Small and reliable MiniPC use of heat-pipe technology and aluminum fans for passive cooling.
    • NEW !!! Wide range of professional industrial panel PCs with the operating system Windows adapted to the harsh conditions. Industrial Panel PCs Panel PC type are composed of high quality components, they are characterized by wide equipment, configurable and high degrees of protection against external factors.
    • BAREBONE computers is MiniPC Series, which are not equipped with RAM and do not have a hard drive. Thanks to this configuration for these two components is virtually free. The only limitation is the hardware that can handle the selected volume and types of individual eams.

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Notebook - Clevo P170SM v.4.1

Notebook - Clevo P170SM v.4.1

Data update: 2014-03-31

guarantee 2 years

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clevo p170sm amd radeon nvidia gtx 780m

Founded in 1983, the company has achieved an excellent reputation Clevo as a manufacturer of notebook computers. Due to the high position of the products in the high-tech has won many awards in tests conducted around the world.



Dedicated to the most demanding users


P170SM a laptop dedicated to solutions that require the greatest amount of power combined with great comfort of use. Rubberized elements and modern design ensures backlight keyboard and touchpad finalized with incredible performance and optimized power consumption Clevo P170SM puts in first place in the ranking of laptops in the world.


Clevo P170SM v.4.1
Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4800MQ Processor (2.7Ghz - 3.7Ghz / 6M Cache)
Memory 32GB (4x8GB) KINGSTON HyperX 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9
HDD 1TB Seagate Hybrid SSHD ST1000LM014 (8GB Flash 64MB Cache)
  Adata SSD XPG SX300 128GB mSATA3 (Read/Write: 550/505 MB/sec.)
Graphics ATI AMD Neptune XT HD 8970M 4GB GDDR5 RAM
Display 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) Glare Type NTSC 90%
Communication Wireless LAN 802.11B/G/N + Bluetooth v4.0+LE Combo Half Mini Card
Optical Drive
BluRay Reader
Other Camera CCD FHD 2.0Mpx

The detailed specification of the configuration available in the "Technical data"
If none of the available configuration does not interest you, you can always suggest your option components. Submit your suggestion using the contact form - up to 2 working days you will receive a valuation of the desired configuration. Remember to carefully specify each parameter and accessories.
Each purchaser of a Clevo barebone has the opportunity to buy their own components (CPU, RAM, disk). In this case, keep in mind that parts must be in full working order. Purchased parts to be sent to the headquarters of the NPD in order to verify the correct installation and operation.

go top do gry menu… menu

Fourth generation Intel® Core i7

czwarta-generacja-intel haswell intel core i 7 i5

Fourth generation Intel® Core™ i7

Intel Core 4th generation, the engineers placed emphasis on optimal power management. Less energy means good things - longer battery life and thinner casing.


Model C/T Frequency

Max. Frequency

L3 cache Max. GPU
i7-4700MQ 4 / 8
2.4 GHz 3.4 GHz 6 MB 1.15 GHz
47 Watt
i7-4800MQ 4 / 8 2.7 GHz 3.7 GHz 6 MB 1.3 GHz
47 Watt
i7-4900MQ 4 / 8 2.8 GHz 3.8 GHz 8 MB 1.3 GHz
47 Watt
i7-4930MX 4 / 8 3 GHz 3.9 GHz 8 MB 1.35 GHz
57 Watt

NVIDIA® GeForce GTX® 780M / 770M

clevo p170sm gtx 780m

New series nVidia® Geforce GTX®

NVIDIA GeForce ® GTX 780M is currently the fastest graphics chip designed for laptops based on the award-winning architecture of NVIDIA ® Kepler ™. The increase in productivity compared to the GTX 680M is 30%. The system has more clocks and cores than ever before, thanks to crush the competition in every respect. The system is equipped with a core frequency of 823 MHz containing Boost technology 2.0 and GDDR5 memory with a capacity of 4GB.

GPU GK104 (N14E-GTX)
GK106 (N14E-GS)
Cores 1536 960
Clock 823 MHz 811 MHz
Memory 4096 MB GDDR5 3072 GB GDDR5
Memory Clock 2500 MHz 1002 MHz


Flexible storage

Flash SSD (Solid State Disc). They have no clevo p170sm dual hdd msatamoving parts and only the same electronics. SSD two times faster reads and writes data over standard drives 2.5 ". Additionally, consumes little energy, and in general does not heat up and reduces the CPU load up to 10%.

4 dyski clevo p170smP170SM can support a total of four hard drives (2x - HDD, 2x - mSATA SSD) at the same time. This makes it possible to easily expand without having to move data from the old disk to the new one. If you start running out of space on your hard drive is enough that you will use just another. Clevo Laptop P170SM to mount two mSATA drive on which you can install the system and frequently used applications. This approach leads to a super-fast operation of your computer.

The speed of operations carried out applications installed on the mSATA drives can increase up to 30%.


Increased security and faster work in RAID

clevo p170sm raid 0 1


RAID 0 allows you to hook up physical drives into a single logical which allows for better use of space. With RAID 1, your data will be safer because a disk is an exact copy of the other. If one drive fails all data is still available on the other. RAID 1 is almost twice as fast as reading data from the disk.


Advanced Illumination

The backlight keyboard and touchpad LED is a feature that not only beautifies Clevo P170SM, but also makes it easier to write when the light in the environment is weak. Illuminate the color and intensity can be adjusted to your needs. Highlighting three-zone which allows for the keyboard backlight in areas that are in use, and put it out there where it is unnecessary for example, the numeric keypad.


32GB ram clevo p177sm

Powerful storage capacity

Capacity 32gb ram Clevo p170sm your computer anymore let you down through technology-channel RAM. Sharing channels reduces data latency and increase memory bandwidth to satisfy most storage-hungry applications.

With up to 32GB system memory always cope with the number of assigned tasks in parallel. Producer allows you to mount four SODIMM memory chips DDR3/DDR3L.

clevo p170sm modularity

CLEVO leaving the needs of laptop users comply P170 easy access to system components. In this way without any problems replacing the drive with a larger one, increase the efficiency of bone RAM or simply clear the laptop with residual dust.

Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3

sound blaster x fi mb3 clevo p170sm

Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 has the best qualities of sound cards Sound Blaster ® and sets new standards in technology for games and entertainment via the PC. Sound Blaster and built-in speakers with sub-woofer deliver superior sound quality while listening to and making music in CLEVO P170SM, as well as the best option for gaming.

Connectors and ports

clevo p170sm hdmi e-sata

In addition to DVI and HDMI sockets Laptop supports DisplayPort, which offers better color depth, speed of data transfer and support for high-resolution audio formats. All with a single cable.


clevo p170sm onkyo speakers podswietlana klawiatura

1. Power Button
5. Built-in Microphone
2. Onkyo Speakers
6. Touchpad with Scroll-Slider
3. LED Status Indicators
7. Fingerprint Reader
4. Illuminated keyboard

subwoofer cpu gpu bateria dysk clevo p170sm

1. Sub-woofer
4. Primary HDD Compartment
2. CPU, GPU, mSata SSD & RAM
5. Battery Pack
3. 2nd Hard Drive Compartment

clevo p170sm 1394a lan usb 3.0 e-sata czytnik kart

1. Mini IEE-1394a Port
5. e-SATA Port (USB 3.0 combo)
2. RJ-45 LAN Port (Gigabit)
6. Card Reader 9-in-1
3. 2x- USB 3.0

clevo p170sm s/pdif jack kensington lock cd dvd bluray

1. Optical Device Bay
5. Line-In Jack
2. Headphone-Out Jack
6. USB 2.0 Port
3. Mikrophone-In Jack
4. S/PDIF-Out Jack

clevo p170sm led

1. Power Status Indicators

hdmi 1.4a displayport 1.2

1. GPU Vents
5. DC-IN
2. DisplayPort 1.2
6. CPU Vents
3. HDMI 1.4a 6. Kensington Lock
4. Mini DisplayPort 1.2

more photos in "Gallery"...specification of this version is available in the "Specifications"...


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